Frequently Asked Questions

Depositing Funds with OANDA

How do I deposit funds?

To fund your fxTrade account:

1. Sign in to your OANDA account.

2. On the My Account web page, click Manage My Funds.

3. Select the sub- account to which you want to add funds and click Deposit. Choose your payment method and then specify the amount to be deposited as well as the source account.

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What happens if I don’t sign in and provide the deposit notification to OANDA?

The deposit notification enables us to quickly and effectively allocate funds to your account. If you send funds without this information, we may need to delay allocating these funds to your account while we figure out your intentions.

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My bank says that my funds have arrived at OANDA. Why has my account not been credited?

When funds arrive at our bank, we need to process the deposit to ensure that it is credited to the correct account and we complete all necessary verifications. We try to complete this process the same day your funds arrive.

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Can I send funds in a different currency?

We accept funds in a number of major currencies used by our customers around the world: GBP, EUR, CHF, USD, CAD, SGD, HKD, JPY and AUD. To send funds in any of these currencies, you need to have a sub-account in that currency and send your funds directly to that account to avoid exchange fees.

Please note: If you try to send funds in a different currency from your bank account, your bank will convert your funds at their exchange rate, which will probably be unfavourable to you. Your bank may also charge a service fee for the currency conversion. It is much better for you to send funds in the same currency as your bank account, and deposit them into an OANDA account (or sub-account) in that same currency if possible.

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Can a third party send funds on my behalf?

No. Due to regulations designed to prevent money laundering and other activities, OANDA cannot process third-party deposits.

OANDA can only accept payments from a financial account in your name. When we receive a payment, we do not process the deposit until we verify the sender is the same as the holder of the fxTrade account.

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Can I withdraw funds by a different method from how I deposited the funds?

No. You must withdraw funds by the same method you used to deposit money into your OANDA account.

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What happens if my cheque is NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds)?

If your deposit cheque is returned to OANDA with insufficient funds, your OANDA currency account will be suspended and all positions closed. You will be charged an additional fee of $20.00 SGD, which will be deducted from your trading account.

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Are my funds segregated?

As required by SFA Regulation,  all of your funds on deposit are segregated in a Client Money Trust Account established, maintained and operated in accordance with Asia Pasific's Client Money Rules. OANDA has set up a trust account at a major bank in Singapore. All funds you send to OANDA Asia Pasific are deposited into segregated accounts and are held in accordance with this regulation. Your money is:

  • Segregated and maintained separately from OANDA Asia Pasific's own funds.
  • Only accessed for your trading-related activity or your withdrawals.
  • Never used for our operating costs, no matter what.

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