Learn To Trade Forex

At OANDA, we believe people must learn the basics of how to trade forex before they jump into the volatile, exciting forex market. 

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Successful traders know that developing their trading skills through education and training will pay off when they trade for real.

Practice makes perfect

Trade hands-on under real market conditions for as long as you want, risk free. OANDA’s forex demo account gives you 100,000 units of virtual money and never expires.

Forex and CFD Trading Webinars

Learn trading online with our free live webinars suitable for both beginner and advanced traders.

Learn the basics

Discover the currency market, its conventions, and how to make your first trade. These short lessons will get you started.

Discover CFD trading

Find out more about the costs, benefits, and risks of trading CFD derivatives.

Explore technical trading

Learn the techniques traders use to identify and act on the technical movements of the market.

Other Resources

fxTrade resources

Technical trading

Stay informed

Keep up with the ever-changing forex market. Read daily news and analysis from our team of economists and currency strategists.

Avoid beginner's mistakes

Statistics show the initial success rate for new forex traders is disturbingly low. Learn from their mistakes.

Currency dynamics

Exchange rates change by the second and affect everyone. Understand the top economic factors that influence currency movement.

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